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For å hedre minnet etter Sunniva Borgen – Født 8. desember 1997 Død 17. september 2021


The purpose of Sunniva’s Memorial Fund is to help young, vulnerable people by:

  • support
  • prevent
  • extend information and knowledge

To be young is to be vulnerable. Most people will live with their vulnerability and grow in relation to it, but not everyone will find their own way. Various factors may increase the vulnerability and can surface in different expressions, often it is concealed. Sunniva’s Memorial Fund’s work will be concentrated on various individuals and groups of young, vulnerable people who are not initially easily seen and where there are no preexisting support and guidance measures.

On the 8`th of  December, Sunnivas day the fund will carry out an annual allocation based on the foundation’s values ​​and nominations made by the board. Furthermore, the fund will provide support for various measures upon application. Criteria for application, application deadlines and time for distribution will be announced on this page continuously.

The memorial fund bases its work on funds raised given in the form of gifts; Account number 37054848383, Organization number 928197573

Many donations have already been received for Sunniva’s Memorial Fund, which has the prospect of helping numerous people.
The family is grateful for all contributions, past and future, we know that this is valuable for the work that occurs in the spirit of Sunniva ❤



Sunniva was brutally assaulted and killed in September 2021. Her life was far too short, but it was a rich life and we remember her with joy and gratitude. The family wants to continue the values ​​and attitudes that were important and clear in Sunniva’s life, and has therefore chosen to establish a memorial fund.

Throughout her life, Sunniva expressed a strong commitment to children and young people who, for various reasons, physical or mental illness, troublesome upbringing, or other reasons, were having a hard time. She got involved with children and young people with challenges, she looked for opportunities and solutions and was happy to help herself, despite her own health challenges. The family wants to honor Sunniva’s memory by establishing a fund to support work aimed at helping young, vulnerable people.

We are grateful for your support ❤

Dear, dear Sunniva ❤

The nightly heaven over Bergen city has never been more beautiful then this night.
Because you danced for us, on heaven! ❤

Little sister, big sister, our child, best friend ❤
You, the kindest of the kind, the most beautiful among the beautiful,
the energetic, the caring.
You, – our everything.
You left us on September 17th.
The nightly heaven over Bergen city has never been more beautiful
then this night. Because you danced for us, in heaven! ❤
We will always carry you with us forever in our hearts, minds and
We love you forever.
Mom, Dad, little brother and big brother ❤

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